The Driving School of North Texas driver education system is a proprietary driving training system that teaches discipline, informed choices, good driving habits and the consequences resulting from making bad choices. Only Driving School of North Texas is licensed to teach our State Certified driving training system.


Driving School of North Texas has over 75 years of combined driver training experience, enduring that the very best teaching methods are utilized. Driver training is one of the most important skills you will ever develop. We are constantly exploring the industry to bring you the latest in effective tools for driving training.


The State of Texas has certified Driving School of North Texas instructor training system. We train and employ only the best driver training instructors, ensuring our students receive the best driver education. Upon completion of both classroom and in-car training, each student completes a survey. This survery provides valuable feedback which allows us to continually improve our program.


We are in the driver training business to save lives and serve our communities by improving safety on our roads and in our communities. Driving Schools of North Texas saves lives by providing the very best driver training programs in the industry.


We maintain one of the newest and largest fleets of driver training vehicles in north Texas. Each vehicle is equipped with a right-side driver training brake, instructor rearview mirror and is well marked with decals to alert to other drivers.


Our driver training system incorporates a structured approach to developing novice driving skills. Our comprehensive in-car curriculum, supported by defined driving routes introduces and challenges the new driver to 43 separate driving maneuvers. Our in-car curriculum is structured to support both the building of a new drivers’ confidence level and driving competency.