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Learning to drive is not a rite of passage. It’s not a game or cool app. It’s a life skill. Driving is the only dangerous thing most people do every day, and it requires a certain skill level if you want to survive today’s challenging roadways.

Driving School of North Texas has teamed with Drivers Education of America so you now have the choice of a traditional classroom setting or a self-paced on-line course.  With either option you’ll learn to drive in our cars with our highly trained certified instructors.

  • The Very Best In-Car Training: You learn to drive in our car with skilled instructors.
  • Ultimate Convenience: Handle everything from your computer except the driving.
  • Flexible Schedule: Driver education that works around your busy schedule.
  • Integrated Curriculum: Our online course blends seamlessly with our in-car training.
  • Experience: Over 80 years of combined driver training experience.

What you need to know!

  • After your enrollment is processed you will receive an email with your unique log-in link and instructions to set up your account.
  • Save this link. You will use it each time to access your account.
  • Your student will have 8 months (240 days) to complete the 32 hour on-line course and 14 hours of in-car training.
  • Upon completion of the first 6 hours of instruction the student will take the learner’s permit test. After passing, please print the DE-964 certificate. Make sure all the control numbers in the top right corner are visible. This certificate is necessary to obtain the learner’s license at the DPS office.
  • Once your student has obtained a learners license they are now eligible to begin their in-car training at the DSNT school location of your choice. You must complete the 14 hours of in-car training at the school you select.
  • Upon completion of the 32 hour course, you will print your final DE-964 classroom certificate.
  • Upon completion of the 14 hours of driving lessons, you will receive a DE-964 in-car certificate from Driving School of North Texas.
  • For Administrative Assistance call 214.383.9795.

Pricing / Refund Policy for Teen On-Line Course

Pricing  $479.00 ($350.00 In-Car, $129.00 On-Line Course, less $75.00 Administrative Fee, $35.00 DE-964 fee.)

On-Line Course Refund Policy

The following applies only to the fees associated with the on-line course.

Types of Refunds

  • Early Withdrawal- Never started course
  • Withdrawal- Customer withdraws from course after beginning Module 1
  • Expired- Customers contract expired
  • Transfer Customer wishes to transfer to traditional classroom environment

Refund Policy

  • Early Withdrawal

Customer is eligible for a full refund if the student has not started the course.

  • Withdrawal

A $75 administrative fee, $129 course fee & $35 DE 964 certificate fee is charged for customers who begin Module 1 but withdraws prior to completing Module 5.   Failure to complete the course requires cancellation of Learners License. No refund after completing Module 5.

If a student completes the online course, but withdraws from in-car lessons, the following fees will apply: $129 course fee, $75 administrative fee & $35 De 964 fee.

  • Contract Expires – 8 months from initial login (240 days.)

Not eligible for a refund

  • Transfers

If a student wishes to withdraw from the Online course and enroll in a DE class, a refund will be calculated for the Online Bundle and issued to the student. The student will need to enroll in the location of their choice and pay for the new class at that time.

DSNT In-Car Refund Policy

Customer is eligible for a refund of the in-car lessons at a rate of $50.00 ($350.00 / 7 lessons) per drive.  Refund will be less $129 course fee, $75.00 administration fee & $35.00 DE 964 certificate fee.  All refunds will be processed within 30 days of receipt of written notice.  Any outstanding account balances will be deducted from final refund e.g. missed driving lesson fees.

  • Expired contracts are not eligible for a refund
  • Expiring contracts are eligible for an extension. All extension are subject to current extension policies.  See the web site at www.drivingschoolofnorthtexas.com for more detail.