Teen Driver’s Ed Course: 32 hours classroom lessons, 14 hours driving lessons, Permit Test & Eye Test $479.00
Classroom Only: This is Block Method. DE-964 Certificate for Learner’s License is released after 32 hours of
classroom instruction is complete.
Important Note: To complete the 7 required driving lessons, Parents must register with TDLR for Parent Taught (PT).
The fee is $20 to receive a PT packet that includes a list of PT Online providers. You must select
one and pay their fee to receive a PT DE-964 to complete the in-car portion of the drivers ed course.
The Online Bundle: 32 hours self-paced online class & 14 hours driving lessons. $479.00
Driving Lessons Only:7 Lessons, 2 hours each, age 15-17
Driving lessons are scheduled according to seasonal availability. Example: 2 per month in peak season.
Driving Lessons only enrollments must be paid in full at time of enrollment.
 Driving Lessons Only: 2 Lessons, two hours each, age 15-17